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  模板 - 关于印刷项目的尺寸基本细节。一个标准的布局。

  Template - Concerning a printing project's basic details in regard to its dimensions. A standard layout.

  文本纸 - 用于印刷具有纹理表面的纸张,例如铺设或亚麻布。一些工厂还使用“文本”来指代他们认为是顶级的任何纸张,无论其表面是否具有纹理。

  Text Paper - Designation for printing papers with textured surfaces such as laid or linen. Some mills also use 'text' to refer to any paper they consider top-of-the-line, whether or not its surface has a texture.

  热成像 - 使用呈现底层油墨颜色的无色树脂粉末进行打印的方法。也称为凸起印刷。

  Thermography - Method of printing using colorless resin powder that takes on the color of underlying ink. Also called raised printing.

  缩略图 - 关于未来项目的初始概念,几乎可以在任何东西上草草写下最初的想法。

  Thumbnails - Initial ideas jotted on virtually anything in regard to initial concept of a future project.

  色调 - 筛选或将白色添加到纯色中,以获得使特定颜色变亮的结果。

  Tint - Screening or adding white to a solid color for results of lightening that specific color.

  提示 - 通常在图书领域,在正常过程之外添加额外的页面(单独插入)。

  Tip In - Usually in the book arena, adding an additional page(s) beyond the normal process (separate insertion).

  色调压缩 - 减少从原始场景到打印复制的色调范围。

  Tone Compression - Reduction in the tonal range from original scene to printed reproduction.

  总面积覆盖率 - 最终胶片中印刷色的网点百分比总和。缩写为 TAC。也称为色调密度、最大密度、阴影饱和度、总点密度和总油墨覆盖率。

  Total Area Coverage - Total of the dot percentages of the process colors in the final film. Abbreviated for TAC. Also called density of tone, maximum density, shadow saturation, total dot density and total ink coverage.

  触摸板 - 强调或打印四色印刷无法充分再现或根本无法再现的颜色的板。 也称为吻板。

  Touch Plate - Plate that accents or prints a color that four-color process printing cannot reproduce well enough or at all. Also called kiss plate.

  透明度 - 胶片上的正照片图像允许光线通过。 也称为铬、颜色透明度和透明色。 通常缩写为 TX。

  Transparency - Positive photographic image on film allowing light to pass through. Also called chrome, color transparency and tranny. Often abbreviated TX.

  碳粉 - 用于复印机和激光打印机的精细塑料粉末,与印刷机上使用的墨水不同。

  Toner - the fine plastic-based powder used in copy machines and laser printers, as opposed to ink that is used on a printing press.

  裁切尺寸 - 打印件裁切后的最终尺寸。

  Trim Size - the final size of a printed piece once it's been cut.

  底色添加 - 制作分色技术,可增加阴影区域中青色、品红色或黄色墨水的数量。缩写为 UCA。

  Undercolor Addition - Technique of making color separations that increases the amount of cyan, magenta or yellow ink in shadow areas. Abbreviated UCA.

  底色去除 - 进行分色的技术,以减少中间色调和阴影区域的青色、品红色和黄色墨水量,同时增加黑色量。缩写为 UCR。

  Undercolor Removal - Technique of making color separations such that the amount of cyan, magenta and yellow ink is reduced in midtone and shadow areas while the amount of black is increased. Abbreviated UCR.

  世界版权公约 (UCC) - 一种保护独特作品在原作者不知情的情况下不被复制的系统。要获得资格,必须注册他们的作品并发布 (c) 指示注册。

  Universal Copyright Convention (UCC) - A system to protect unique work from reproducing without knowledge from the originator. To qualify, one must register their work and publish a (c) indicating registration.

  未涂布纸——未涂布粘土或其他表面密封剂的未涂布纸。 墨水通过吸收到纸张中而变干。 未涂布纸有多种表面可供选择,包括有纹理的(例如“铺设的”和“亚麻布”)和光滑的。

  Uncoated Paper - an uncoated paper stock has not been coated with clay or other surface sealants. Inks dry by absorbing into the paper. Uncoated papers are available in a variety of surfaces, both textured (such as "laid" and "linen") and smooth.

  紫外线涂层——一种透明光泽或暗淡的液体,用紫外线固化在印刷纸上,以减少划痕并增强视觉外观。 uv 涂层比清漆或水性涂层提供更多的保护和光泽。

  UV Coating - a clear gloss or dull liquid that is cured with ultraviolet light applied to printed paper to reduce scratching and enhance visual appearance. UV coating gives more protection and sheen than either varnish or aqueous coating.

  值 - 颜色的阴影(暗度)或色调(亮度)。也称为亮度、明度、阴影和色调。

  Value - The shade (darkness) or tint (lightness) of a color. Also called brightness, lightness, shade and tone.

  清漆 - 清漆是一种透明光泽或无光泽涂层密封剂,适用于印刷纸,以减少划痕并增强视觉外观。

  Varnish - varnish is a clear gloss or dull coating sealant applied to printed paper to reduce scratching and enhance visual appearance.

  矢量艺术 - 矢量图像是在绘图程序(即 Adobe Illustrator、Macromedia Freehand 或 CorelDraw)中创建的图形。它使用路径在称为“节点”的连接点处创建直线和曲线,以数学方式存储图形信息。矢量图像可以放大到任何尺寸而不会降低质量,而光栅图像会在放大时像素化并且质量会降低。

  Vector Art - a Vector image is a graphic that has been created in a drawing program (i.e. Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand or CorelDraw). It uses paths to create lines and curves at connecting points called "nodes" to store the graphic's information mathematically. Vector images can be scaled up to any size without loss of quality, as opposed to raster images which become pixelated and quality is diminished when they are enlarged.

  牛皮纸饰面 - 有点粗糙,有牙齿的饰面。

  Vellum Finish - Somewhat rough, toothy finish.

  Velox - 高对比度相纸的品牌名称。

  Velox - Brand name for high-contrast photographic paper.

  原始纸 - 与再生纸相比,仅由树木或棉花的纸浆制成的纸。

  Virgin Paper - Paper made exclusively of pulp from trees or cotton, as compared to recycled paper.

  VOC - 挥发性有机化合物的缩写,石油物质用作许多印刷油墨的载体。

  VOC - Abbreviation for volatile organic compounds, petroleum substances used as the vehicles for many printing inks.

  清洗 - 清洁滚筒、墨斗、丝网和其他印刷机组件上的墨水和润版液。

  Wash Up - To clean ink and fountain solutions from rollers, fountains, screens, and other press components.

  浪费 - 与变质相比,在正常准备、印刷或装订操作过程中无法使用的纸张或纸张损坏。

  Waste - Unusable paper or paper damage during normal makeready, printing or binding operations, as compared to spoilage.

  水印 - 由纸张厚度或密度变化引起的纸张中可识别的图像或图案。水印在纸张检查中非常有用,因为它可以用于日期、识别尺寸、工厂商标和位置以及纸张质量。

  Watermark - a recognizable image or pattern in paper caused by thickness or density variations in the paper. A watermark is very useful in the examination of paper because it can be used for dating, identifying sizes, mill trademarks and locations, and the quality of a paper.

  卷筒纸断裂 - 纸张在通过卷筒印刷机时裂开,导致操作员重新穿线。

  Web Break - Split of the paper as it travels through a web press, causing operators to rethread the press.

  卷筒纸增益 - 纸张通过印刷机时出现不可接受的拉伸。

  Web Gain - Unacceptable stretching of paper as it passes through the press.

  卷筒纸印刷机 - 从纸卷上印刷的印刷机,通常在印刷后将其切成薄片。也称为卷筒式印刷机。卷筒印刷机有多种尺寸,最常见的是迷你版、半版、四分之三版(也称为 8 页)和完整版(也称为 16 页)。

  Web Press - Press that prints from rolls of paper, usually cutting it into sheets after printing. Also called reel-fed press. Web presses come in many sizes, the most common being mini, half, three quarter (also called 8-pages) and full (also called 16-pages).

  重量 - 纸张的重量是指其厚度,以磅 (#) 为单位。数字越高,该“类型”纸张的纸张越厚。商业印刷中的纸张重量可能非常令人困惑。例如,一张 20# 粘合纸(可能是您在复印机上使用的)与一张 50# 胶印的厚度大致相同。需要注意的更有意义的测量是纸的卡尺。

  Weight - the weight of a paper refers to its thickness and is measured in pounds (#). The higher the number, the thicker the paper for that "type" of paper. Paper weights in commercial printing can be very confusing. For example, a sheet of 20# bond (probably what you use on your copy machine) is about the same thickness as a sheet of 50# offset. A more meaningful measurement to pay attention to is a paper's caliper.

  湿陷 - 与干陷相比,在湿墨水上打印墨水或清漆。

  Wet Trap - To print ink or varnish over wet ink, as compared to dry trap.

  网线侧 - 与毛毡侧相比,造纸过程中靠在长网的纸侧。

  Wire Side - Side of the paper that rests against The Fourdrinier wire during papermaking, as compared to felt side.

  无木纸 - 仅用化学纸浆制成。 纸张通常分为压光或超级压光。

  Woodfree Paper - Made with chemical pulp only. Paper usually classified as calendered or supercalendered.

  工作胶片 - 在进行所有更正后将被复制以制作最终胶片的中间胶片。 也称为积聚。

  Working Film - Intermediate film that will be copied to make final film after all corrections are made. Also called buildups.

  编织 - 没有可见线痕的纸张,通常是精细纹理的纸张。

  Wove - Paper manufactured without visible wire marks, usually a fine textured paper.