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  光环效果 - 有时会在打印的半色调点周围出现微弱的阴影。也称为光晕。光晕本身也称为边缘。

  Halo Effect - Faint shadow sometimes surrounding halftone dots printed. Also called halation. The halo itself is also called a fringe.

  硬点 - 与软点相比,没有光晕或软边缘的半色调网点。

  Hard Dots - Halftone dots with no halos or soft edges, as compared to soft dots.

  硬拷贝 - 文本或页面布局的打印物理副本,与在计算机显示器上查看的“软拷贝”形成对比。

  Hard Copy - a printed, physical copy of text or a page layout, in contrast to a "soft copy" that is viewed on a computer monitor.

  Head(er) - 在页面的顶部,页边距。

  Head(er) - At the top of a page, the margin.

  头对尾 - 页面的头部(顶部)面向其他页面的尾部(底部)的拼版。

  Head-to-tail - Imposition with heads (tops) of pages facing tails (bottoms) of other pages.

  热定型卷筒纸 - 卷筒纸印刷机配备烘箱以干燥油墨,因此能够印刷铜版纸。

  Heat-set Web - Web press equipped with an oven to dry ink, thus able to print coated paper.

  Hickey - 印刷中的斑点或缺陷,在油墨覆盖较重的区域最为明显,由印版或橡皮布上的污垢引起。也称为牛眼和鱼眼。

  Hickey - Spot or imperfection in printing, most visible in areas of heavy ink coverage, caused by dirt on the plate or blanket. Also called bulls eye and fish eye.

  高保真色彩 - 与四色工艺相比,使用六、八或十二分色再现的色彩。

  High-fidelity Color - Color reproduced using six, eight or twelve separations, as compared to four-color process.

  高调照片 - 最重要的细节出现在高光中的照片。

  High-key Photo - Photo whose most important details appear in the highlights.

  高光 - 与中间色调和阴影相比,照片或半色调中最亮的部分。

  Highlights - Lightest portions of a photograph or halftone, as compared to midtones and shadows.

  HLS - 色调、亮度、饱和度的缩写,是软件中常见的颜色控制选项之一,用于设计和页面组装。 也称为 HVS。

  HLS - Abbreviation for hue, lightness, saturation, one of the color-control options often found in software, for design and page assembly. Also called HVS.

  热点 - 当一块污垢或气泡在接触制版过程中导致不完全牵伸时造成的印刷缺陷,留下油墨覆盖薄弱或可见网点增加的区域。

  Hot Spot - Printing defect caused when a piece of dirt or an air bubble caused incomplete draw-down during contact platemaking, leaving an area of weak ink coverage or visible dot gain.

  色调 - 一种特定的颜色,例如黄色或绿色。

  Hue - A specific color such as yellow or green.

  ICC 配置文件 - 在色彩管理中,ICC 配置文件是一组数据,根据国际色彩联盟 (ICC) 颁布的标准,表征色彩输入或输出设备或色彩空间。配置文件通过定义设备源或目标颜色空间与配置文件连接空间 (PCS) 之间的映射来描述特定设备的颜色属性或查看要求。

  Imagesetter - Laser output device using photosensitive paper or film.

  拼版 - 在机械或平面上排列页面,以便在折叠和装订印张后它们会以正确的顺序出现。

  Imposition - Arrangement of pages on mechanicals or flats so they will appear in proper sequence after press sheets are folded and bound.

  印量 - (1) 就油墨颜色而言,一次印量等于一张印张通过印刷单元一次。 (2) 就印刷机的速度而言,一印等于一张印张通过印刷机一次。

  Impression - (1) Referring to an ink color, one impression equals one press sheet passing once through a printing unit. (2) Referring to speed of a press, one impression equals one press sheet passing once through the press.

  压印滚筒 - 印刷机上的滚筒,将纸张推向印版或橡皮布,从而形成图像。也称为压印辊。

  Impression Cylinder - Cylinder, on a press, that pushes paper against the plate or blanket, thus forming the image. Also called impression roller.

  油墨平衡 - 印刷油墨的密度和网点增益彼此之间以及与标准中性灰色密度之间的关系。

  Ink Balance - Relationship of the densities and dot gains of process inks to each other and to a standard density of neutral gray.

  喷墨打印 - 通过计算机控制的喷嘴喷射墨滴进行打印的方法。也称为喷印。

  Ink Jet Printing - Method of printing by spraying droplets of ink through computer-controlled nozzles. Also called jet printing.

  凹版印刷 - 图像载体是具有两个层次的表面的印刷方法,其着墨区域低于非着墨区域。 凹版印刷和雕刻是最常见的凹版印刷形式。 也称为凹印。

  Intaglio Printing - Printing method whose image carriers are surfaces with two levels, having inked areas lower than noninked areas. Gravure and engraving are the most common forms of intaglio. Also called recess printing.

  整体打样 - 与重叠打样相比,在一张打样纸上显示的分色打样。 也称为成分证明、层压证明、塑料证明和单张证明。

  Integral Proof - Color proof of separations shown on one piece of proofing paper, as compared to an overlay proof. Also called composition proof, laminate proof, plastic proof and single-sheet proof.

  ISBN - 分配给已发表作品的编号,通常位于扉页或扉页背面。 被认为是国际标准书号。

  ISBN - A number assigned to a published work and usually found either on the title page or the back of the title page. Considered an International Standard Book Number.

  K - 四色印刷中黑色的缩写。 因此 cmyk 中的“K”。

  K - Abbreviation for black in four-color process printing. Hence the “K” in CMYK.

  关键底片或印版 - 底片或印版可打印最详细的信息,因此其图像引导其他印版图像的配准。 也称为密钥打印机。

  Key Negative or Plate - Negative or plate that prints the most detail, thus whose image guides the register of images from other plates. Also called key printer.

  吻切 -模切自粘纸的顶层,而不是背衬层。 也称为切面。

  Kiss Die Cut - To die cut the top layer, but not the backing layer, of self-adhesive paper. Also called face cut.

  牛皮纸 - 用于包装和制作食品袋和大信封的强力纸。

  Kraft Paper - Strong paper used for wrapping and to make grocery bags and large envelopes.

  层压板 - 一种薄透明塑料片(涂层),通常应用于厚纸(封面、明信片等),可防止液体和大量使用,通常突出现有颜色,提供光泽(或镜片)效果。

  Laminate - A thin transparent plastic sheet (coating) applied to usually a thick stock (covers, post cards, etc.) providing protection against liquid and heavy use, and usually accents existing color, providing a glossy (or lens) effect.

  搭接套准 - 与对接套准相比,油墨颜色略微重叠的套准。

  Lap Register - Register where ink colors overlap slightly, as compared to butt register.

  激光粘合 - 粘合纸特别光滑和干燥,可以很好地通过激光打印机。

  Laser Bond - Bond paper made especially smooth and dry to run well through laser printers.

  可激光打印的墨水 - 不会褪色或起泡的墨水,因为打印它的纸张用于激光打印机。

  Laser-imprintable Ink - Ink that will not fade or blister as the paper on which it is printed is used in a laser printer.

  叶 - 出版物中的一张纸,叶子的每一面都是一页。

  Leaf - One sheet of paper in a publication. Each side of a leaf is one page.

  左对齐类型 -(不规则右) - 类型的列与左边距对齐。

  Left Justified Type -(Ragged Right) - columns of type are aligned with the left margin.

  信笺折叠 - 两次折叠形成三个面板,使一张信笺可以适合商业信封。也称为桶形折叠和环绕式折叠。

  Letter fold -Two folds creating three panels that allow a sheet of letterhead to fit a business envelope. Also called barrel fold and wrap around fold.

  信纸 - 在北美,8½ 英寸 x 11 英寸纸。在欧洲,A4 纸。

  Letter Paper - In North America, 8½″ x 11″ sheets. In Europe, A4 sheets.

  凸版印刷 - 从凸起表面印刷的方法,无论是金属类型还是表面已从图像区域蚀刻掉的印版。也称为块印刷。

  Letterpress -Method of printing from raised surfaces, either metal type or plates whose surfaces have been etched away from image areas. Also called block printing.

  轻质纸 - 基重小于 40# (60 gsm) 的书本纸。

  Lightweight Paper - Book paper with basis weight less than 40# (60 gsm).

  亚麻饰面 - 类似于亚麻织物质地的纸饰面。

  Linen Finish - a paper finish similar to the texture of linen fabric.

  平版印刷 - 使用图像区域吸引油墨而非图像区域排斥油墨的印版进行印刷的方法。非图像区域可以涂有水以排斥油性油墨,或者可以具有排斥油墨的表面,例如硅。

  Lithography - Method of printing using plates whose image areas attract ink and whose nonimage areas repel ink. Nonimage areas may be coated with water to repel the oily ink or may have a surface, such as silicon, that repels ink.

  活页夹 - 允许在出版物中插入和删除页面的绑定方法。

  Looseleaf - Binding method allowing insertion and removal of pages in a publication .

  松散打样 - 与复合打样相比,未与页面中的其他元素组合的半色调或分色打样打样。 也称为第一次证明、随机证明、分散证明和显示颜色证明。

  Loose Proof - Proof of a halftone or color separation that is not assembled with other elements from a page, as compared to composite proof. Also called first proof, random proof, scatter proof and show-color proof.

  洋红色 - 四种印刷色之一。

  Magenta - One of the four process colors.

  凸模 - 在压花或去压花过程中施加压力的模具。也叫力卡。

  Male Die - Die that applies pressure during embossing or De-bossing. Also called force card.

  边距 - 印刷材料边缘周围的印记空间。

  Margin - Imprinted space around the edge of the printed material.

  遮罩 - 防止光线到达图像的一部分,从而隔离剩余部分。也称为敲除。

  Mask - To prevent light from reaching part of an image, therefore isolating the remaining part. Also called knock out.

  哑光饰面 - 相纸或涂层印刷纸上的平整(非光泽)饰面。

  Matte Finish - Flat (not glossy) finish on photographic paper or coated printing paper.

  哑光纸 - 是一种无光泽、外观平整的涂层纸,表面光滑。哑光涂层纸由通常含有粘土的表面密封剂制成。涂料纸限制墨水吸收到纸张表面,从而获得更清晰的图像,尤其是照片和其他半色调图像。

  Matte Paper - is a non-glossy, flat-looking coated paper has a smooth surface. Matte coated paper is made with a surface sealant which often contains clay. Coating papers restrict ink from absorbing into the surface of the paper which allows for crisper images, particularly photos and other halftone images.

  机械装订 - 使用梳子、线圈、环形活页夹、柱子或任何其他不需要胶合、缝纫或缝合的技术进行装订。

  Mechanical Bind - To bind using a comb, coil, ring binder, post or any other technique not requiring gluing, sewing or stitching.

  机械分离 - 在机械上对要打印的每种颜色使用单独的覆盖层进行颜色中断。

  Mechanical Separation - Color breaks made on the mechanical using a separate overlay for each color to be printed.

  金属墨水 - 含有粉末金属或模拟金属颜料的墨水。

  Metallic Ink - Ink containing powdered metal or pigments that simulate metal.

  金属纸 - 涂有塑料或颜料薄膜的纸,其颜色和光泽类似于金属。

  Metallic Paper - Paper coated with a thin film of plastic or pigment whose color and gloss simulate metal.

  中间调 - 在照片或插图中,与高光和阴影相比,由覆盖率 30% 到 70% 之间的点创建的色调。

  Midtones - In a photograph or illustration, tones created by dots between 30 percent and 70 percent of coverage, as compared to highlights and shadows.

  起雾 - 墨滴从滚轴上甩出的现象。又称飞墨。

  Misting - Phenomenon of droplets of ink being thrown off the roller train. Also called flying ink.

  摩尔纹 - 重新加网已半色调(打印)的图像时出现的不受欢迎的图案,导致波浪状或方格图案。 该图案是由两个网点图案重叠造成的,从而产生莫尔条纹。 该图案看起来有点像铁丝网围栏,可以通过适当应用高斯模糊来消除。

  Moiré - Undesirable pattern that occurs when rescreening an already halftoned (printed) image, which results in a wavelike or checkered pattern. The pattern is caused by the two dot patterns overlaping, resulting in a moiré. The pattern, looking somewhat like in a chain-link fence, can be eliminated by the proper application of a Gaussian blur.

  M 重量 - 任何特定尺寸的 1,000 张纸的重量。

  M Weight - Weight of 1,000 sheets of paper in any specific size.