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  压花 - 使用热金属模具将凸起的图像压入纸张区域。 浮雕图像可以是“盲目的”,带有箔纸,或应用于已经用墨水打印的图像。

  Embossing - using a hot metal die to press a raised image into an area of paper. Embossed images can be "blind," with foil, or applied to an image already printed with ink.

  乳液 - 在纸张、薄膜、印刷版和模板上浇注光敏化学品。

  Emulsion - Casting of light-sensitive chemicals on papers, films, printing plates and stencils.

  尾页 - 将精装书的内页附在封面上的纸张。 也称为粘贴或结束文件。

  End Sheet - Sheet that attaches the inside pages of a case bound book to its cover. Also called pastedown or end papers.

  英式饰面 - 无涂层书纸上的光滑饰面; 比蛋壳光滑,比光滑更粗糙。

  English Finish - Smooth finish on uncoated book paper; smoother than eggshell, rougher than smooth.

  雕刻 - 使用印版的印刷方法,也称为模具,在其表面上切割有图像。

  Engraving - Printing method using a plate, also called a die, with an image cut into its surface.

  EPS - 封装后脚本,一种已知的文件格式,通常用于将后脚本信息从一个程序传输到另一个程序。

  EPS - Encapsulated Post Script, a known file format usually used to transfer post script information from one program to another.

  等效纸 - 不是指定品牌的纸,但外观、印刷和成本可能相同。 也称为可比股票。

  Equivalent Paper - Paper that is not the brand specified, but looks, prints and may cost the same. Also called comparable stock.

  蚀刻 - 使用化学物质将图像雕刻到金属、玻璃或薄膜上。

  Etch - To use chemicals to carve an image into metal, glass or film.